Litian P&C Terminal Held a Symposium on Improving the Safety Operation Capacity of Ship Washing Station

Release Date:2023-06-18

On June 16th, Jiangsu Maritime Bureau organized a symposium on improving the safety operation capacity of ship washing station, in order to deeply implement the protection and restoration of the Yangtze River, continue to protect the ecological environment of the Yangtze River basin, and supervise the normality of hazardous chemical ships.

This meeting was held at Jiangsu Litian Petroleum-chemical Terminal Co., Ltd. Huang Yanpin, deputy director of Jiangsu Maritime Bureau, the relevant leaders of the 10 maritime bureaus, attended the meeting, main directors of 5 washing stations, including Jiangyin Litian Water Ship Washing Station and Nanjing Longtan Water Ship Washing Station, attended the conference. Xu Yun, director of the danger prevention department of Jiangsu Maritime Bureau presided over the meeting.

The attendees observed the front operation site and rear processing station of the Jiangyin Port washing station on site, listened carefully to the introduction on the construction and production operation of the ship washing station, and had a detailed understanding of the sewage treatment process of the ship washing station and the application of intelligent equipment.

 Xu Yun, director of the danger prevention department of Jiangsu Maritime Bureau, announced the Subsidy Measures for the Operation of Hazardous Chemical Washing Stations in the Yangtze River of Jiangsu Province (for Trial Implementation). He provided a detailed interpretation of the key regulations in the document to ensure that everyone had a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the relevant subsidy policies. 

The heads of 5 ship washing stations introduced their current operation and urgent needs in detail from several aspects, such as process flow, safety management, operation status, difficulties and suggestions and so on. 

Comrades from various Maritime Bureaus introduced the supervision of their respective jurisdictions and the work ideas and methods adopted to promote the goal of "washing and advancing all dangerous chemical vessels in inland rivers". In response to the difficulties and suggestions mentioned in the exchange meeting, they made it clear that they would further strengthen the supervision of cleaning cabin of dangerous chemical ships, optimize and upgrade the intelligent dangerous management 2.0 system, strengthen on-site supervision and inspection, crack down on irregularities of cleaning cabin, and tighten the safety supervision and defense line.

Huang Yanpin, deputy director of Jiangsu Maritime Bureau, affirmed the efforts and contributions made by the enterprises operating the washing station to build a secure security barrier for the Yangtze River protection. He pointed out that the operation subsidy policy of ship washing station provides a strong guarantee for the safe and smooth operation of ship washing station. Each cabin washing station should seize the opportunity to establish a good corporate brand and enhance the soft power of the enterprise. It should firmly anchor the green strategic development goal without wavering and always adhere to the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing. At the same time, Huang Yanpin proposed at the meeting to systematically promote each task, make regular plans, and combine meeting discussions, implementation, and communication feedback to form a closed loop. At present, the requirements of washing cabin supervision is high and difficult, but "Jiangsu experience" has been in the forefront. Each cabin washing station should continue to work hard and innovate, and strive to build a national model.

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